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Besttoysoldiers.com and USA Toy Soldiers.com  Website for Young and Old.

Presented by Griffin :

Welcomes You to Our Store. We have Toy Soldiers Action Figures for Old and Young. Plastic Toy Soldiers for School Projects, Dioramas, Play and History for All. 

We carry Plastic Toy Soldiers and Historical Documents Reproduction for Education and School Projects.

Besttoysoldiers and USA Toy Soldiers has Plastic Toy Soldiers for Young and Old. School Projects and History for All.

Griffin Enterprizes Inc is a Small American Company and tries to Treat Our Customers the Old Fashion Way.

We carry Toy Soldiers in the 51 mm and 54 mm Scale, that is approx 2 inches in size and sometime smaller or larger.

We Mail by US Post Office only. Normally We mail the next day after Order is placed, and most likely arrives two to three days later except for Out of the United States Orders or APO Boxes.

If a Problem, Email us at email- mgrif@mgrif.com we will get back to You as Soon as Can.

We carry Plastic Toy Soldiers for Young and Old.
Toy Soldiers for School Projects, Action Figures for History and Play. Check out our Historical Documents section.

Thanks for Viewing!

WELCOME TO TOY SOLDIERS Inc, Besttoysoldiers.com USA Toy Soldiers.com WEBSITE:
We Carry: Toy Soldiers for Play and To Remember History (Bad and Good) History is to Be Remembered!

Toy Soldiers and Other Items:
Civil War (Union and Confederate Toy Soldiers),
American Revolution, Toy Soldiers,
Alamo Figures (Texans and Mexicans Toy Soldiers)
Fences and Palisade Walls,
WW II items, WWII (German, Japanese, British and American) Army men , Ho or Small Scale Army Men, Tanks, Landing Crafts, Sandbag Bunkers, Cannons, Siege Mortars,
Ninja's Historical Documents (Constitution, Declaration of Independence, Bill of Rights, Patrick Henry, Mayflower, Boston Tea Party, Currency and Much More),
Landing Crafts

and Other items time to time and we aquire or make a mold of.

Scale: For United States Scale
Normal -- Soldiers are 54mm or 51mm 2 1/4inch or 2 inches.
Small -- HO are approx 1inch.

Everything on Website is In Stock; we try to remove from viewing on the site when close to being out.
Please feel free to spend time and look around. 

Some Products are made in China and Assembled in United States of America.

Some Items are Made in USA and We are trying to make more in USA as days go by. 
We are trying to improve our Toy Soldiers
Some of our products are made in Thornton Texas.
We Want to Thank You for Shopping with Us during Last Year and Hopefully Next Year.

All Products on this Website May Contain Small Parts 16CFR 1500.19 (b) 1
CHOKING HAZARD Small parts. Not for children under 8 years old.

To Learn more on Consumer Product Safety Commission see website www.cpsc.gov