About and Scales

Griffin Enterprizes, Inc is a small American Company enjoying sell toy soldiers and related items, and History items as Historical Document of our past.

1678 FM 147
Thornton, Texas 76687

Mike Cust. Service at email address. 

We have Purchase Options of PayPal Who Accepts Credit Cards of all type and is secure,

you can also purchase by money order just chose money order (post office or walmart is best)  and mail us the money order and your done we will get it out right away.

 Prices can change so do not delay and if prices change the within

3 days we will honor the old price.

Now about Us;

We are a Small American Company in Central Texas and have been selling or playing with Toy Soldiers all our lives. We do make some of our products in U.S. but mostly imported from China, but We check every package and replace the broken items (broken in shipping) and check too make sure your get what we show on site. China packager sometime forget how to count or what go's into a package so we Recheck the package and recount or recheck. We do our best but if we fail Let Us Know and We will Fix.


Ho or 1/87 = 16.5 to 20 mm train track, soldiers and so a 20 to 22 mm tall.

1/72 = 1 inch tall

1/48 = 1/5 inch tall

51 mm = 2 inch tall

54 mm = 2 1/8 inch tall

60 mm = 2 3/8 inch tall

Now Scale in US normally is now 51mm and 54mm but 1/72 and 60mm are played with also.

Also these references are close, I mix 60mm figures with 45mm figures but that is just me.