American Revolution Documents

American Revolution Documents

British Army Recruiting Poster 1777

British Army Recruiting Poster 1777.
His Excellency Sir William Howe recruiting All Intrepid Able-Bodied Heroes.
Printed in the Colonies, seeking local soldiers to fight against the Colonists.
A Must For American History.
On Parchment Paper and Frameable.
Free Mailing,  First Class Mail.

Battle of Bunker Hill

Battle of Bunker Hill.  June 17, 1775.
Pictorial with little-known facts about this battle,
which was actually fought on Breed's Hill.
On Parchment Paper.
Size is Approx.  11 3/4" Wide and 14 1/4" Tall
Nice and Frameable.
Free Mailing, First Class Mail.

George Washington Set of Writting (4 Papers)

George Washington Selected Writings Bearing His Own Signature.
1. Washington's Inaugural address of 1789,
2. Washington's Farewell Address 1796,
3. Oath of Allegiance 1778,
4. Commission to George Washington 1775.
All Nice Documents
14" Wide and 17 3/4" Long
All on Parchment Paper.

Four Documents of freedom

Four Documents of Freedom,
Declaration of Independence, Size is 13 3/4" by 15 3/4".
United States Constitution, Size is 12 1/4" by  18 3/4".
Bill of Rights, Size is 13 3/4" by 15 3/4".
Lincoln' Gettysburg Address, Size is 10 3/4" by 13 3/4".
All on Parchment Paper.

Thomas Jefferson Writtings, (6 Documents)

Thomas Jefferson Documents,
Jefferson's Rough Draft of the Declaration of Independence
Jefferson's letter 1766 to Col. Preston
Jefferson's letter 1780 to James Monroe
Jefferson's letter 1781 to George Washington
Jefferson's Outline of his Bill for Proportioning Crimes and Punishments
Jefferson's letter 1815 to M. DuPont de Nemours
Some Letters on Same Sheet
All on Parchment Paper.

Boston Tea Party Document

Boston Tea Party 1773
A picture and explanation of the Colonial revolt.
Samuel Adams led the protest of England's Tea Act.
American Patriots dumped 342 chests of tea into Boston Harbor.
Suitable for Framing.
Free Mailing, First Class Mail.

Surrender of Cornwallis at Yorktown 1781

Surrender of Cornwallis at Yorktown 1781.
In Yorktown, Virginia in October of 1781, American and French troops fought and forced the surrender of the British troops lead by General Cornwallis.
Cornwallis's written surrender is reproduced here in accurate detail, in the General's handwriting.
The surrender stunned England and the King.
1 page.
Document size is 11" x 14"

Free Mailing by First Class Mail

Signing of The Declaration of Independence

Signing of The Declaration of Independence with Unusual Information Regarding the Signers.
Size, 13 1/2" Wide and 15 3/4" Tall.
Historical Document with Picture,
Signing and Information.
Pictorial with many little-known facts about the signers.
Nice and Very Frameable.
Free Mailing by First Class Mail

Four Page Constitution Set

Four Page Constitution Set.
Each Page Measures: 14" by 16"
Very Readable.
Accurate Reproductions on Antiqued Parchment.
The Constitution of the United States
Reproduced in the original 4 sheet format.
Completed and signed on September 17, 1787, this accurate replication features all 7 original articles and the complete list of signatures.
The antiqued parchment looks and feels authentic.

Mailed in Large Envelope or Box.

Rolled Constitution of the United States

Rolled Historical Parchment Reproduction of the Constitution of the United States.
Size is approx. 19" by 12 1/4"
On Parchment Paper. Suitable for Framing.

Mailed in Box.