Texas Documents

Texas Documents

7 Selected Letters Texas Freedom

7 of The Republic of Texas Letters and Documents.
Freemen of Texas 1835, Calling Texans to arms
Texas Declaration of Independence 1836
Resolution March 1st, 1845, signed by John Tyler
Letter 1845 from the Texas Republic Acting Secretary of State (Annexation)
Proclamation 1845 by Anson Jones (Constitution Ratified)
Letter 1845 from the President of the Texas Republic (letter to President U.S.)
Letter 1845 from President Polk to Congress.
All on Parchment Paper.
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Republic of Texas Currency

Replicas of the Original Currency, Republic of Texas Currency, 1883-1841.
In the early days of Texas, barter dominated trade in the frontier land occupied by farmers and ranchers. Some U.S. coin and currency circulated, but not enough to meet the needs of the growing population.
The Congress of the Republic of Texas was permitted by its 1836 Constitution to "coin money, and regulate the value thereof."
$100.00 Republic of Texas 1839,
$50.00 Republic of Texas 1839,
$20.00 Government of Texas 1838,
$10.00 Government of Texas 1838,
$5.00 Republic of Texas 1840,
$3.00 Republic of Texas 1841.
On parchment paper.
Great Historial Pieces.
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