Founding of the United States of America

Fonding of the United States of America

Lewis and Clark's Expedition

Lewis and Clark's Expedition. 1804-1806. On Parchment Paper. Lewis and Clark's Routes, Document explores the Expedition and Split Return of Lewis and Clark.
Size of Parchment Paper is 15 7/8" Tall by 13 3/4" Wide.
President Thomas Jefferson wanted the new territory explored, the "Louisiana Territory". The Louisiana Territory purchased on May 2, 1803 nearly doubled the size of the fledgling United States of America.
This document is fine reading and is Framable.
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Mayflower Compact 1620

Mayflower Compact 1620.
Size is Appox  13 1/2" Wide and 15 3/4" Tall.
This Historical Document remained the only form of Constitution of the Colony.
The "Compact" the name's of the loyal subjects of Soveraign Lord King James, to the glory of God and advancement of the Christian Faith voyage to plant the first colony in the Northern parts of Virginia.
 The "Compact", with the signers, as first printed in "Morton's Memorial" at Cambridge, Mass. in 1669, an official publication of the Plymouth Colony. The order of signing the original manuscript is not known.
A Nice Historical Document and Piece of History.
Suitable for Frameing.
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List of Mayflower Passengers and Crew

A Complete list on Two Pages in Governor Bradford's Handwriting.
Passenger Names are accompanied by Descriptions of their traveling Companions, Spouses, Children, and other personal details.
A Complete Record of the Mayflower's Brave Pilgrims.
Documents size is 11.5 by 16"

Deed to Manhattan and Long Island

Deed For Manhattan and Long Island, 1645-1649.
On Parchment Paper.
Excerpts from the original deeds, including a list of compensation to the Indians.
Nice Reproduction
Free Mailing,  First Class Mail.