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Alamo Soldiers Figures

Alamo Plastic Soldier Figures for the Battle of the Alamo.

Plastic Soldiers Figures for School Projects and or Dioramas and Just Play for the Battle of The Alamo in Texas.


58 Pieces Alamo Figures

58 Plastic Alamo Figures.
58 Plastic Alamo Figures.
34 Mexicans and 24 Americans Fighters.
In this set, Davy Crockett, Jim Bowie, Will Travis and Santa Anna Figures.
In 54mm Scale or 2 1/8 inches.
Nice Detail.
Some Figures on both side show shooting upward to a fighter on the walls.

58 Alamo Figures with FlagMan and Bag

58 Pieces Alamo Plastic Figures with Pull String Bag and Flag Man

1 Napoleon Cannon and 58 Plastic Alamo Figures with Plastic Pull String Bag.
34 Mexicans with Flagman with Flag,
24 Americans Fighters.
Davy Crockett, Jim Bowie, Will Travis and Santa Anna Figures.
Figures on both sides show some figures shooting upwards as to persons on walls.
Nice. 54mm (2 1/8inch)scale.
No more leaving on floor or outside, carrying bag is clear

and easy to carry and put items in. Maybe!

24 Alamo Mexicans and Texan Fighters

12 Light Blue Mexicans
12 Brown Texans
54mm Scale or 2 1/8 inches.

Frontier Men 12 pieces

12 Frontier Men.
The True Patriots of America The Farmers, A Militia.
Fought from the Founding of The United States to Current Times.
American Revolution, Civil War, Alamo, Old West and Settling the Rural Country.
Frontier Men some with Pistols, Hatchets and Bowie Knife.
54mm Scale, or 2 1/8 inches

12 Mexican Soldiers

12 Blue Mexican Soldiers, Lighter Color than larger set.
All RifleMen, some pointing rifle up for wall shooting or distance and some shooting straight ahead.
54mm Scale or 2 1/8inches.