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American Revolution Soldiers

American Revolution Plastic Soldiers

Soldiers for the American Revolution


27 Pieces American Revolution set

7 American Revolution Pieces.
10 Americans Foot Soldiers (Blue),
10 British Foot Soldiers (Red),
2 Two Post Cannons,
2 Horses and Riders (Blue)
One Figure White in Color (The Frenchman Lafeyette).
54 mm Scale.
Amount of Figures and poses may vary set to set.

32 Pieces American Revolution set

32 Pieces American Revolution Set
2- two post cannon
1 siege mortar
1 Horse and Rider (Blue, American General Washington )
11 Americans Continentals (Blue)
10 British Redcoats (Red) Foot Soldiers
5 Grenadiers (Black)
1 White Frenchman (Lafeyette)
Poses may vary.
54mm Scale or 2 1/8 inches

50 Piece Contintial AR Set

50 Pieces Set, American Revolution.
1 Siege Mortar,
1 Two Post Cannons,
12 Black Grenadiers (Can Be used on either side),
13 English Soldiers (Red),
20 Continental Army (Blue)
One White Figure (The Frenchman Lafeyette).
1 Horse and Rider (Blue), (General Washington).
Nice Detail. 54mm Scale.