Army Men Soldier Figures

Army Men Soldier Figures from  Different Wars and Battles

Army Men Soldiers from  Wars World War II and other Battles.

36 Large ArmyMen

36 Large Rubber Feel Armymen.
2 1/2" Large,
Comes in Mixed 3 Colors, Tan, Black and Green.
Flexible Plastic.
6 Poses.
Better Play for Young Children.

34 Pieces American Armymen Soldier Set

34 Figures of American Soldiers (Great Detail),
1 Flag and Base,
1-2 part sand bag
2 Barb Wire Fences.
54mm Scale 2 1/8"

American Tank, Soldiers and Jeep Set

American Tank and Jeep Set,
WWII Style.
One Green Tank, One Green Jeep,
4 Cirved Sand Bag Bunkers,
4 Tank Traps, one Flag and Base,
10 to 12 American Soldiers.
Plastic. 54mm Scale. 2 1/8"