Diorama Items

Diorama Items for Battles, School Projects and Play

Diorama Items for Battle, School Project and History Play.

1 Stone Wall Fence

1 Brown Plastic Stone Wall Fence.
Can be used in The American Revolution, Civil War and After. Great for Diorama's.
Size is 1 1/4" Tall by 12 5/8" Long and 1 1/4" Wide.
Ruler for Scale.
Works well All Types of Soldiers.
54mm Scale.

6 Cannon Ramps

6 Plastic Wood Color Cannon Ramps.
Size is 3 inches Wide, 1 1/8 inches Tall and 3 3/8 inches Wide.
3 Cannon Ramps are in Picture but you will receive 6 Cannon Ramps.
Very Nice and Specially Made.
Can Be used with Naval Cannons, Single Post Cannons and Siege Mortar, Works Best with Napoleon Cannons but will work with 2 Post Cannons.
Works well with 54mm Scale.

Buckboard Wagon

Plastic Freight or Buckboard Wagon.
Size is Approx. 7 1/2" Long, 2 1/4" Wide and 1 1/2" Tall.
Horses are not 54mm Scale but the Wagon fit with 54mm Scale

Bridge for Crossing Streams and Rivers

Bridge for Crossing Streams and or Rivers,

Bridge for Civil War, American Revolution, Alamo, Armymen and others.

Plastic, Redish Brown in Color,

Size is 8 1/2 inches Long, 3 2/16 inches Wide, and 1 inch Tall Appox.


Barb Wire Fences

Barb Wire Fences, 6 Section,  Plastic

Gray in Color, For War of All Seasons,

Size is 3 7/8 inches Long, 1 inch Tall,

Good for any battlefeild.

Ruler and quarter is not included just for scale.

Sand Bag Bunkers, 8 Sections

SandBag Bunkers for Civil War, American Revolution, Alamo, Armymen, Diorama's and Play

Redish Brown Color, Plastic.

Size is 2 5/8 inches Long, 15/16 inches Tall and 1/2 inch wide.

There are 8 Sections that snap together to make 4 L Shape SandBag Bunkers.

Quanset Hut Near Ho Scale

Quanset Hut Near Ho Size,

Size is 4 3/8 inches Long, 2 1/8 Wide and 1 1/2 inch Tall Approx.


Color Gray and Green Base.