Mailing Information


We normally Mail the Next Day from Order, and Use the U.S. Post Office to deliver,

We do not use UPS or FedEx out going because We are Very Rural and hard to get daily constant pickup and so the U.S. Post Office does the best job for Us and normally being the Local Post Person just may know you and makes sure it is where you like.

We work  and Mail Monday --- Friday and do not Mail on U.S. Post Office Holidays.

On Mailing let us explain on Express Mail, the day you order does not count in mail days, we mail the next day and the count starts upon mailing. Express Mail is Quite good but does Cost. Priority Mail is our normal mail is normally two to three day in transit, parcel post is slow and First Class  is Regular Mail and varies area or area.

We only mail on days the Post Office is Open, Monday -- Friday, We are closed on Sat and Sun.

First Class Mailing is For Historical Documents ONLY -- All others WILL BE VOIDED.

We wrap in bubble wrap to secure product and tape the box to be sturdy (hopefully)!

If mail arrive badly let us know Please.